Jessie Lilley
Buddy Barnett
Brad Linaweaver

November 2009     Web Edition     Issue #3

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Grant Lyle

So There


Another Canadian! The music keeps pouring in from our talented Northern neighbors. This is Grant Lyle's 7th album and I'm not surprised. The man has a solid voice and some marvelous lyrics. Lyle is a well known performer on the vibrant Canadian music scene. He's performed in top clubs, festivals and other select venues and his performances leave audiences bellowing for more due to the passion he has for the music he plays.

Over the years, Grant has received a great deal of media attention, including television appearances on Breakfast Television, CKVR, OnTV, CityTV and CBC. His CD's have received airtime on Canadian stations as well as throughout the world in Russia, France, England, Spain and on CBS here in the ever lovin', blue-eyed US of A. He is especially proud to have received over 100,000 hours of total listen time for his "All The Way" album. Grant was recently recognized as one of the top 10 Canadian blues artists by Real Blues Magazine based in British Columbia.

Stand out guitar on "Leavee Moan", hard-ass vocals on "You're Killing Me" and I just love Chérie Ann".

You really have to hear the voice on this man, so check him out on FaceBook and YouTube. I haven't enjoyed a Canadian voice so much since the days of Burton Cummings. If he shows up in my neck o' the woods, I'll plunk my hard-earned down to hear him live, for sure.

I am informed by those who know, that when Grant is not playing live or working on new material in his studio, he can be found perfecting his mother's recipe for chicken noodle soup.

Members/Instruments:Grant Lyle (vocals, guitar) Musical Contributions By: Al Cross, Iansanity, Roly Platt, Pat Dickinson, Scott Brammer, Leopold

Production: Grant Lyle


  • Impressions (2:58)
  • Let It Out (4:32)
  • I Will Wait (4:33)
  • You're Killing Me (4:53)
  • Trouble Blues (4:39)
  • Walk On (4:43)
  • Cheri Ann (4:32)
  • From The Hills (4:06)
  • You've Got Love (4:43)
  • Librium (3:55)
  • Lost In Temptation (4:15)
  • Levee Moan (3:24)

  • —Jessie Lilley