California Tells College Kids, “If You’re Not Wealthy, You Can’t Go to School.”

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Education Report Card, California is rated #42 in the nation. In celebration of this, Governor Schwarznegger approved a budget that cut State assistance to the U.C. system alone by 20%. In late May of 2009 he noted a proposal to cut another $4.2 billion for the 2009-2010 school year.

That’s nice. Maybe we can go from being #42 to hitting the absolute bottom of the barrel and hit the #50 slot.

The U.C. Board of Regents voted today (11/19/09), to increase yearly student costs by 32%. Students from San Diego to Berkeley turned out in record numbers yesterday and today to protest this increase. I’m with them. As of now, it will cost a U.C. student over $10,000 per year, and that’s before room and board and before books!

Between the mess that health care has become and this ridiculous treatment of the students, California has apparently decided that if you’re not wealthy, you should leave the State. They side with the Republicans health care idea that says (in not so many words) that if you get sick, you should die quickly because we don’t care. The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave cares only for the almighty dollar and its citizens can just go to hell.

My God! There’s even a rumor abroad that Harley-Davidson might be sold to a Chinese company.

Does anyone else think this is totally fucked up besides me?

I think we should just put up a bunch of signs at the borders that say, “Welcome to California. Sorry. We’re Closed For Business. Try Arizona.” I wonder what the folks at Big Lizards think about this.

32 thoughts on “California Tells College Kids, “If You’re Not Wealthy, You Can’t Go to School.”

  1. Eddie Hudson

    That’s why religion has such a foothold in this country. If young people were educated to the moronic views of christians, muslims and jews in this world perhaps the next generation would stand a chance. Don’t you think it’s time that we rid ourselves of the belief in this last god of antiquity? I fear it’s too late for us.

  2. Bill Ritch

    Is there are correlation between state spending and any measurable difference in education? It seems as though spending more per student should get better results but there are lots of things in life where you can throw money away of expensive things and not get much return on your investment.

    I think monolithic education is one of them.

  3. Jessie

    “Is there are correlation between state spending and any measurable difference in education?”

    Hi Bill:

    I think it’s obvious that more spending is required here, and the more money that’s cut from the education budget can only worsen the opportunity for children to learn in the classroom. This doesn’t only effect the UC system. It effects education across the board in the State. Teachers are grossly underpaid as it is. There aren’t enough books to hand over to students, teachers spend their own time and money photocopying books so each student may have it to take home with them to study, many teachers and parents alike are spending their own hard-earned in an attempt to supply the kids with what they need to become educated in the State’s PUBLIC education system. The one that’s supposed to be paid for by the State with the taxes we pay. No?

  4. jkat2000

    Where does it state in the constitution that one has a right to a free college education? I was brought up in NJ. College tuition was something that you planned and saved for; it was not viewed as a God given right. Get rid of the welfare bums and everybody else looking for a hand-out and perhaps the state’s economic situation might improved.

    Also, Harley sold to a Chinese company…guess things aren’t so bad after all…I’m so sick of those noisy clunkers disrupting wildlife habitats…maybe the Chinese will quiet down those obsolete lemons

  5. Jessie Post author

    Hey Fritz:

    Here’s the definition of public schools and education in the state of California as well as country-wide:

    Definition of a Public School/Education

    The CDE further defines a public school as a kindergarten through grade twelve and/or adult educational institution that:

    1. Is supported with public funds.

    The University of California is part of the public education system in this State. Unless the Board of Regents changed that as well. Students from other states paid tuition but California residents weren’t supposed to have to do so. Now, 10 years ago the costs to attend UC were about $5,000 per year. They’ve risen over the years, as have all things. The problem here is not the increase in tuition, it is the extraordinarily high number that increase represents, not to mention an additional 10% increase next year – coupled with the staff and class cuts. THAT is what I’m bitching about.

    And I have found that Harley has not been sold to a Chinese company after all. Much as I know you’d like to see the end of them, my husband and I will continue to ride our Harleys and enjoy them as often as possible.

  6. jkat2000

    Still, even $10,000/yr is relatively cheap
    and if those punks that vandalized UC property recently think its too high perhaps they should move somewhere else…sorry but their recent actions disgust me; I don’t sympathize w/thugs
    Regardless, my point was that eliminating hand-outs to those
    abusing the system (welfare witches and what-nots) would improve the state’s financial system and perhaps lower tuition costs
    Additionally, I don’t give a flying f as to whether they continue to manufacture Harley’s or not. Just sick of irresponsible riders that show no respect for the environment or others. That is, the type of assholes that ride in clubs of 50+ wreaking havoc on the environment and the type that guns his bike in order to intimidate. Why does it always seem to be Harley rider’s?

  7. jkat2000

    In addition to my last posting I would also like to point out that “supported by public funds” does not mean a free ride. If the UC system is too expensive try the CS system. Actually, my tuition is paid for and I receive $800/yr plus $3,500 in loans/yr. I attend a Cal State university since I can’t afford UC nor do I demand that the taxpayers put me through a school of my choosing.

  8. Jessie Post author

    Again you’ve missed my point Fritz. But it seems obvious that no matter what I say you’ll continue to miss it so I’ll just let the whole thing with you drop.

  9. jkat2000

    the point is not the increase but government mis-spending
    and educational cuts…I think the UC board of regent’s
    only alternative is a drastic hike in fees…what’s your solution

  10. Lynda

    From what I read here, and from what I’ve been reading and watching in the news, the point here is that our governor keeps pushing the cutting/removing of established, accepted per-student funding levels to public schools.

    The Board of Regents jumped to the first, most obvious solution to this loss of funds – the one that requires no thought or creativity – which is raising tuition by such huge percentages that many who were affording their education at UC schools – using loans and grants as you do, jkat2000 – will now have to continue their educations elsewhere, perhaps (but not necessarily) to the detriment of their chosen program. And those in programs offered only through the UC system, or programs respected only if they are taken through the UC system? Fuck ’em, I guess.

    I’m not an educator or a financial planner, so I haven’t the skill set to come up with outside-the-box solutions for the Board of Regents. That’s why we HAVE boards of regents – they are supposedly skilled at this sort of thing. But this Board is clearly not interested in taking the time and energy required to go outside the box to come up with creative solutions. They prefer, as always, to simply dump the burden created by government mis-spending onto the shoulders of this State’s poor – and, I might add, this State’s future – instead of insisting that the policy makers and spending overseers stop mis-spending. Again.

  11. jkat2000

    Couldn’t agree w/you more Lynda,
    I’ve actually heard rumors that they rent silverware and table decorations at UCSC for $20,000 a pop for VIP events
    Sounds like alot of money…probably not much in the grand scheme of things…still its that irresponsible spending that is contributing to this mess
    Trust me, I do not like what is happening (what our elected officials have, or have not done) but we are responsible for enpowering these monkeys whether we voted for them or not
    Regardless, I’m not taking sides, but I don’t think the board of regents has had to deal w/cuts of such proportions before…but on the other hand they should have seen it coming and prepared for it…I ranted because the blame and criticism seems misplaced…(its easy to criticize)…perhaps we all should do our homework before bitching about what we allowed to happen

  12. jkat2000

    forgot to mention that it didn’t appear as though i was even going to be able to afford Cal State this year…i blamed myself…was i wrong for doing so? i don’t think so…can’t blame somebody else if i’m not financially prepared no matter how many curves might be thrown my way

  13. Lynda

    jkat2000, we don’t agree on a thing.

    Apparently it would be okay with you for the Cal State system to blindside you with an extreme, unannounced tuition hike. Would you blame yourself for not being able to afford it because you did not anticipate and plan appropriately for that surprise increase?

    And yes, you’ve clearly taken sides. It sounds to me as if you are saying that the poor should be ashamed of themselves for not being financially prepared for the unexpected hike in the expense to attend public school in California, and so are not deserving of that education.

    In a country whose laws and tax structure were set up to provide for public education even at the university level so that each and every citizen can receive the education required in order to pursue the career they are suited for, the poor are opted out without their permission.

    Shame on everyone for letting it get to this point (and believe me, it took decades).

    Shame on you for blaming those hit hardest. And shame on you for your holier-than-thou attitude toward those who carefully planned, saved, and budgeted for their college educations, only to have it snatched away from them by political appointees who are too lazy to figure out how to fix it without penalizing the students.

  14. Damudbug

    Jkat: As a member of the aforesaid group you have a problem with (Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs), I take extreme offense to your comments. If you had any balls (which I seriously doubt), you would name a place and time.

    You have a right to your opinion, and I have a right to be offended and call you out. You are a weak-kneed, whiny pissant.

    Reply if you have the stones.

  15. jkat2000

    have either of you two ever taken an argument or philosophy class? if so, then please cease and desist from presenting “argumentums ad hominem”…if not then this conversation is meaningless

    lynda, no, i’m not o.k. w/what you call being “blindsided” but
    you mondo-mommas have to stop putting words into the mouths
    of those that present opposing views…actually i became a bit resentful when jessie said something along the lines of “[i’d] like to see harley’s taken off the streets”…its not what i had said…just another example of how you mondos twist things

    anyway, back to this topic, lets get a couple of facts straight
    first of all, the rate increase had been announced…additionally rate increases have been going on since i first attended college in 1979…only about $600/school year back then…10 years later $1,400/yr…today ONLY $2,300/yr (cal sate figures)
    MY POINT: how could one NOT FORESEE something like this coming
    especially when everybody over 12 years of age knows that the state is experiencing serious financial difficulties

    believe it or not, i am more on your side than you know…unfortunately, i was not able to make it to csumb today to attend the meeting on “what we can do to fight cuts to education”…i did email the details of this meeting to jessie…did she go, pass it on to those that could attend, post it here, did you attend? if not, then perhaps you guys are the ones that should be accused of being self righteous, or as you rhetorically put it: “holier-than-thou”…on the other hand, perhaps you’re both just lazy and indifferent…i did give you both a chance to put your $ where your mouths are instead of continuing in this dormant and meaningless whine

    “We all find ourselves in situations that at times seem hopeless.
    And, we all have the choice to do nothing or take action.”
    -Catherine Pulsifer
    in other words: words w/out action are meaningless

    furhtermore, your argument about tax $ is a mute point; our fore-fathers established the USA as a tax free republic; a land of free thinking; free enterprise; freedom from religion; the ideas and ideals that i had put my life on the line for…i’d really appreciate it if you conservative right-winged extortionists would not attempt to tame the wild west…that is stick your taxes up your * asses…that is, give me liberty or give me death…please tell jessie i don’t appreciate her “all will pay that disagree w/me” attitude or her michael savage style approach (i.e., i don’t like what you say therefore this conversation is over) ESPECIALLY after relentlessly hounding me for the past 3 months me to contribute to this blog

    and what is this “shame on you” shit…i find that to be a bit childish…i could do the same but my “holier-than-thou” attitude dictates its beneath me
    also you state that i “have taken sides” on what “appears” to you…do not be deceived by appearances…and, again, do not twist another’s words
    INDEED, that is FALLACIOUS REASONING…a FALSE ARGUMENT…aka taking and twisting the bull by the horns

    in short i find you and your crony jessie to be a couple of misinformed, twisted, uneducated, unambitious, lazy, and whiny redneck mondo-motocycle mommas who are much too easily amused w/word-press

    also, do not say “shame on” me “for blaming those hit hardest”…once again, its not what i had said…it is only
    your twisted rhetoric and perception…did it ever occur to you that i spoke only for myself…that pride, dignity, and self-respect won’t allow me to blame others for what i can not do for myself

    actually i find the title of this topic to be another example of your pretzel logic…seriously doubt that one needs to be wealthy to afford $10,000/yr on education…i’ve spent more/yr on my motorcycles…just a ? of priorities

    * please note i did not use the f-word

  16. jkat2000

    I did not say anything about outlaw motorcycle gangs specifically
    Actually, i even included non-outlaws that try to intimidate
    If this applies to you I’m easy to find
    If not, what’s your beef?

  17. jkat2000

    Mis-quote on figures
    Next to last posting should read
    ONLY $4,600/yr at present vice $2,300
    Still a steal

  18. jkat2000

    email me if you would to continue this conversation
    and be upadted on the fight against educational cuts
    i really do not want to propogate, support, or help in the
    development this site anymore
    feel free to pass my email address onto Damudbug

  19. jkat2000

    If we don’t agree on anything
    is that to say, and not to put words in
    your mouth, that you think $20,000 for
    UC VIP events just for table settings
    is not a misappropriation of public funds?
    Please explain thy self
    Regardless, neither one of you has answered my
    question: “what’s your solution”????

  20. jkat2000

    I’ve owned motorcycles most of my life
    I have never partaken in the intimidation of
    others obviously weaker than me nor have I ever
    gunned it to scare somebody smaller than myself
    recently, some ass-wipe and a few of his buddies,
    thought it would be funny to do that to me while i
    was walking my dog…didn’t scare me…was pissed
    at what they did to my dog
    I just gave ’em a look to kill and that was
    that…actually it wasn’t “them” – just “ONE”
    If your still offended, see me at 10:00AM @ ESPLANADE
    don’t call me a pissant faggot

  21. jkat2000

    Shouldn’t your husband defending your honor instead of
    this other guy
    FYI I pushed to have your old man on the show last month
    Still I’m so pissed I will meet what’s his name at esplanade @ 10
    tomorrow if he has a sack

  22. jkat2000

    Is your real name WILL
    Do you go to the OTHG
    I WILL Find you!!!
    I WILL Find you!!!
    Be there tomorrow!!!

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