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California Tells College Kids, “If You’re Not Wealthy, You Can’t Go to School.”

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Education Report Card, California is rated #42 in the nation. In celebration of this, Governor Schwarznegger approved a budget that cut State assistance to the U.C. system alone by 20%. In late May of 2009 he noted a proposal to cut another $4.2 billion for the 2009-2010 school year.

That’s nice. Maybe we can go from being #42 to hitting the absolute bottom of the barrel and hit the #50 slot.

The U.C. Board of Regents voted today (11/19/09), to increase yearly student costs by 32%. Students from San Diego to Berkeley turned out in record numbers yesterday and today to protest this increase. I’m with them. As of now, it will cost a U.C. student over $10,000 per year, and that’s before room and board and before books!

Between the mess that health care has become and this ridiculous treatment of the students, California has apparently decided that if you’re not wealthy, you should leave the State. They side with the Republicans health care idea that says (in not so many words) that if you get sick, you should die quickly because we don’t care. The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave cares only for the almighty dollar and its citizens can just go to hell.

My God! There’s even a rumor abroad that Harley-Davidson might be sold to a Chinese company.

Does anyone else think this is totally fucked up besides me?

I think we should just put up a bunch of signs at the borders that say, “Welcome to California. Sorry. We’re Closed For Business. Try Arizona.” I wonder what the folks at Big Lizards think about this.