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Celebrities: Why we’re still interested in celebrity news

We can’t help it. Humans are a curious and greedy lot. Celebrities, both here in the US and abroad, represent something that most of the populace will never be. Superstars in modeling, film and prime time television are extremely good looking, generally well-spoken and filthy rich. Whom among us wouldn’t like to have all the money they ever needed, be attractive to both the opposite and same sex as well as be able to handle an appearance in public with poise and an amusing comment on our lips? Very few would be my guess.

You will note that I didn’t include music or politics in the list above. This is a whole other gig. Gore Vidal once referred to American politics as “show business for the ugly” and he would know, having been in the celebrity hotbeds on both coasts all his life. A pleasing face used to weigh heavily on the shoulders of film actors, though sometime in the 50s, around the time of James Dean, the prettiness left film and the “real” person look came in. In the last decade or so, this trend has headed in the direction of television and most movie stars today are again, quite simply stunning. Most, mind, not all as the bad guys are quite often physically unattractive.

As to music, it’s like the ballet. You don’t have to have a great face, all you need is a great body to dance. The music superstars are rarely attractive and don’t have to be. The “bad boys” of rock and roll for instance don’t necessarily serve up a platter of pretty pusses. One may be crazy for Keith Richards’ guitar acumen, but the man’s face is a train wreck. Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler are in a long standing contest as to who has the uglier mug in the business. For years Rod Stewart and Ron Wood argued over who would stand stage left as that’s where their noses looked smaller. The bottom line is that you require the voice or the instrumental skill in music, not the face. A face will get you a place for a short time, but without the actual ability, the no-talent pretty boys and girls will be gone in a couple of years whereas the old road dogs mentioned before have been around for 40 years and will continue on until they die.

Reading about this lot, or hearing news of them on TV or radio does many things for we unsung members of the human race. It reminds us of what we are not. This serves to do one of two things; make us work harder pursuing our dreams or depress us to the point of contemplating suicide. This last is not meant as a darkly witty comment. It is meant to be taken literally and considered when eying one’s children. Death is bad enough, a youngster’s taking of his or her own life is nigh on unbearable. Today’s immediate society has destroyed the childhoods of yore. Now the kids have to have the latest clothes, the killer shades, the fabulous hair and whatever the Internet tells them ad nauseam, or suffer the disdain of their peers. Paris Hilton is someone who is looked up to by little girls on both coasts and in between. The why of this fact will not be addressed here but the reality remains, and if the family isn’t wealthy, the kids are gonna have a tough time.

This certainly is not to say that all teen suicides are caused by celebrity worship. Hardly; there are innumerable factors and this is only one. Whatever other devils may inhabit an adolescent mind, the realization that they probably won’t attain the heights of a Johnny Depp or whomever can be enough to stun some tender hearts into immediate defeat. This is only a small example of the dark side of the question.

On the other hand, for most, the following of showbiz gossip can bring one back to an earlier day when dreams were young. Life was brand new and anything was attainable if you only worked hard for it. For many, this is what real life is, and celebrity is something to be looked upon as entertainment. Something to chat about, like the weather or the price of gasoline. To see the glitterati enjoying their pretty lives is a harmless pass-time while waiting online at the market before getting back to the daily business of tending the house or farming one’s cube.

For most of us, celebrity news removes one from the mundane for a short spate and eases the everyday stress of living in this high-speed world into which we’ve been thrust.

– Jessie Lilley

Goodbye California

I really do believe we’ve come to the end of the road here in California. The small-time politicians in Sacramento have bickered us into near bankruptcy and it’s only a matter of time before we have no money left to fight over. The Governor of the State seems intent on dismantling the public education system; his education cuts have landed California at number 49 out of 50 states. The Los Angeles Wave reported in January of 2010 that Pell University  senior scholar Thomas G. Mortenson stated, “California is slipping toward educational and economic mediocrity…” At this point I’d say we’ve slipped. According to the same Wave report, as recently as 2007 California ranked 14th in the nation when it came to college educated members of the work force (over 25 years of age), a huge drop from 8th place in 1981. Since 1980, the state tax fund for education has dropped by 40%. So let’s be fair. It’s not all Arnold.

San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom is turning the streets of his town into parks where people can sit and drink coffee but no one can drive or park. Public transportation is coming to a standstill because of price hikes and pay cuts. All by himself, our Gavin is driving out the poor and making San Francisco a place for only the wealthy. Problem is, if the poor people can’t afford to live there and they can’t afford to travel to or around the city, who’s going to do all those nasty little jobs like scrubbing the floors in the mayor’s house? Mrs. Newsom? Who’s going to clean the toilets in the halls of the fabled San Francisco Stock Exchange? The brokers?

Good thing he dropped out of the governor’s race.

The City of Vallejo went bankrupt in 2008. There’s more violence in their streets now than in the streets of their close neighbor Richmond, CA. There aren’t enough police, firefighters or emergency workers to assist those people still living there.  In Salinas they look to be headed down the same road. There’s a gang war going on in those streets between the Norteños and the Sureños. These gang members shoot at each other with the usual collateral damage taking its toll on innocent bystanders and just to keep things interesting, they shoot at the cops as well.  At this point the city officials seem willing to let people die rather than admit that they can’t handle it and call in the National Guard.

It won’t be long before the gangs figure out how to organize themselves into a controlling force and take over the town. It might happen in Salinas, it might happen in Vallejo, hell! It might happen in Oakland. Get enough of these people together and the only force they won’t be able to stand against will be the US Army.

Armed insurrection?

You betcha!

And there sits Sacramento, arguing over bullshit while the State crumbles around them, warring over gay marriage and how else they can deny the citizens their civil rights. My personal favorite in the news right now is California State Senator Roy Ashburn (R), who was arrested on March 3, 2010 for Driving Under the Influence (DUI). The gentleman has apologized for his behavior. Of course he’s apologized, and yes, he’s sorry. He’s especially sorry that he – a well-known and oft quoted anti Gay Crusader – was arrested after leaving an establishment in Sacramento called Faces, a popular gay bar. Senator Ashburn’s male companion has not been identified. This should prove interesting.

Open carry permits for gun owners are available here in California. The Committees of Vigilance are forming up and down the coast and as usual there are plenty of loud mouths bellowing about how it makes them feel. On one news report, a woman claimed her right to freedom of speech to complain, “I don’t know whether these people are here to have coffee or to shoot everyone in the place!”  Hey! Jackass! If the gun is in plain sight, they’re there to have coffee. All these guns “in plain sight” make the poor dear nervous. Me? I feel safer knowing the citizenry is arming itself against the complete collapse of California’s infrastructure. If I’m going to remain a resident of California’s Central Coast, I can assure you, I’ll be armed as well.

A few months ago I suggested that California would be putting up closed signs at the various State borders.  It’s only gotten worse since I wrote those words. Don’t believe the television ads you see folks. There’s no money, there are no jobs, there is no education and you really don’t want to live here.

California is closed for business.

Adventures in Health Care 2: What Hold Does Holy Joe Have Over The Democratic Senate?

Can someone please explain to me why the entire Democratic side of the Senate would back down because of one man? Who the hell is Joe Lieberman to decide for the entire country who has a right to health care and who does not?

It is so plain that the man is in the pocket of the insurance companies as to be silly. If the health care bill as it stands is allowed to pass, then what damudbug posted in response to a forum topic here at Mondo Cult, will be reality, to wit:

Here is the Republicans’ health care reform program:




I didn’t make this up-one of the congressmen used it during a speech several weeks ago.

I have to say, when someone wants me to die, it makes me want to reciprocate……….

Fuck these assholes in the insurance companies!  They would just as soon see millions of folks (literally) DIE from lack of care.  As far as I am concerned, insurance in all its forms should be outlawed.  Rip the sucker down and start from scratch.  There has just got to be a better way…

The bottom line is that all people in this country should be covered by some kind of affordable health care. No one cares what they call it or how they do it, just get it done. Option, subsidy, whatever the hell – just get it done.

And is this folding of the tents on the liberal left reasonable? Is this what we elected to represent us on the Hill? Mr. Obama and his congress are a sore disappointment in this as well as some other things which I go into in the forum, but this health care issue is the absolute limit. I would rather see them table it and come back after Christmas and get the job done right than vote on it now when there is so damned much at stake.

Giving up now is nothing more nor less than giving in and keeping everything as it has been. That is not good enough. This country requires a change and Mr. Obama promised change in his campaign. The slogan “Yes We Can” has become a joke around this house.

Yes We Can what, Mr. President?

  • Yes we can go back to business as usual?
  • Yes we can let the citizenry of the United States go whistle for health care?
  • Yes we can let one man represent the pharmaceutical lobbies in DC and squash any chance of legitimate reform?
  • Yes we can continue to ignore the people in favor of lining political and corporate pockets?

Hey! Barry! I’m beginning to wish I’d never given you my vote. Not even a year in office and you and your majority Congress have folded in the face of one greedy, small-minded bullshit artist. I guess I’m not really angry with Joe. He can’t help being an asshole. He was born that way; but the tremendous lack of balls in the Democratic Senate and apparently in the Oval Office as well is more than a disappointment. It’s downright demoralizing.

Thanks a lot guys. If we all make it to the next election (I expect several of us may well be dead by then due to lack of medical attention) and things are as they are today, I can assure you, my vote will be cast elsewhere.

Breaking News: Nelson supports health bill after tough bargaining.

Ban the Monster Mags! Villagers at the gate…

I recently read a post on a horror-themed forum on the internet by a fellow who was complaining about the “whorish looking women” in a monster magazine and how he felt he should hide it from his kids. He’d rather the magazine didn’t print things like that because he doesn’t like to feel he has to hide the mag as if it were porn.

Whorish looking women. For crying out loud! That’s exactly what my mother said about Hammer Films! You know, those classic horror films we all (except for Tom Weaver) know and love? Do you hear yourselves? Not all of you, of course, but man! Some of you are carrying on like these mags are printing the Communist Manifesto and sneaking around trying to get your kids to not only buy them, but join the Party!

Didn’t we go through this with comic books back in the 50s/60s?

Congratulations to all those who find coverage of horror films to be bad for the children. Congratulations to all of you who don’t want your children to read monster mags because they’re too bloody/gory/sexy/nasty in your opinions. Congratulations for desiring censorship for the children. You have effectively become members of the Establishment that we (well, we being a lot of us but not all of us, obviously) fought against in the 60s and 70s. What are you gonna do next? Demand the burning of all the monster mags you don’t like so no one can read them?

Me? Over reacting? No. I don’t think so.

See, this is how it starts. One parent thinks the gore in say, Fangoria, is too much, so they don’t let it in the house. Then they learn that other mothers and fathers have done the same. So they form a group. And then they begin to write to parents they don’t know. And then those parents join the group. And then people with no kids who just don’t like gore flicks get into the group. Pretty soon you have a few hundred, maybe a few thousand people who are calling for the banning of Fangoria, and getting all angry and heated about it and bellowing “What about the children?” Pretty much screwing it up for the majority because they’re voices are louder than those of us who are busy sitting around reading our magazines and letting people live and let live. Well, I’ve never been known for keeping my mouth shut.

What about the children? I’ve printed this before. If you don’t know what to do with them you have no business having them. Teach them you dim wits. Let them learn from you and then as they grow, permit them to make their own choices. If they read a couple of issues of Fango – or whatever – one of two things will happen. They’ll enjoy it, and know it for what it is – a magazine about make believe — or — they won’t find it interesting and move on to something else. Don’t sell your kids short here. They’re no doubt an intelligent and curious lot. Most kids are. Protect them too much and you’ll wind up with a generation of mal-adjusted, socially inept and cringing adults.

Oh, wait! We’re already there, aren’t we.

We have, here in the States, a culture that has produced a generation of obese kids that sit around all day – in the house – playing video games. Again, not all of them by any means, but enough that childhood obesity has reached high enough levels that it’s being called a health crisis. When these kids aren’t playing games, they and their thinner counterparts, interact socially not in person, at parties or dances or hike or in the Scouts (boy or girl) but on Facebook, MySpace, FaceSpace, MyBook – name it. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of places out there. They hang out watching YouTube and think it’s great entertainment. Take these kids out and put them in a restaurant or a park and they don’t know what to do. If they can’t type it, they don’t know how to react. Look someone in the eye? Not a chance.

But again, I digress.

I am appalled to find fellow monster movie fans calling for the banning, wrapping and otherwise destroying of monster magazines because their children might see them. Things have come to a sorry pass, and no mistake. Yep, next thing we hear, someone will be bellowing that Brad Linaweaver is a Republican. Or that Arbogast can’t post on the internet anymore.

That’ll be a dark day.