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Adventures in Health Care 2: What Hold Does Holy Joe Have Over The Democratic Senate?

Can someone please explain to me why the entire Democratic side of the Senate would back down because of one man? Who the hell is Joe Lieberman to decide for the entire country who has a right to health care and who does not?

It is so plain that the man is in the pocket of the insurance companies as to be silly. If the health care bill as it stands is allowed to pass, then what damudbug posted in response to a forum topic here at Mondo Cult, will be reality, to wit:

Here is the Republicans’ health care reform program:




I didn’t make this up-one of the congressmen used it during a speech several weeks ago.

I have to say, when someone wants me to die, it makes me want to reciprocate……….

Fuck these assholes in the insurance companies!  They would just as soon see millions of folks (literally) DIE from lack of care.  As far as I am concerned, insurance in all its forms should be outlawed.  Rip the sucker down and start from scratch.  There has just got to be a better way…

The bottom line is that all people in this country should be covered by some kind of affordable health care. No one cares what they call it or how they do it, just get it done. Option, subsidy, whatever the hell – just get it done.

And is this folding of the tents on the liberal left reasonable? Is this what we elected to represent us on the Hill? Mr. Obama and his congress are a sore disappointment in this as well as some other things which I go into in the forum, but this health care issue is the absolute limit. I would rather see them table it and come back after Christmas and get the job done right than vote on it now when there is so damned much at stake.

Giving up now is nothing more nor less than giving in and keeping everything as it has been. That is not good enough. This country requires a change and Mr. Obama promised change in his campaign. The slogan “Yes We Can” has become a joke around this house.

Yes We Can what, Mr. President?

  • Yes we can go back to business as usual?
  • Yes we can let the citizenry of the United States go whistle for health care?
  • Yes we can let one man represent the pharmaceutical lobbies in DC and squash any chance of legitimate reform?
  • Yes we can continue to ignore the people in favor of lining political and corporate pockets?

Hey! Barry! I’m beginning to wish I’d never given you my vote. Not even a year in office and you and your majority Congress have folded in the face of one greedy, small-minded bullshit artist. I guess I’m not really angry with Joe. He can’t help being an asshole. He was born that way; but the tremendous lack of balls in the Democratic Senate and apparently in the Oval Office as well is more than a disappointment. It’s downright demoralizing.

Thanks a lot guys. If we all make it to the next election (I expect several of us may well be dead by then due to lack of medical attention) and things are as they are today, I can assure you, my vote will be cast elsewhere.

Breaking News: Nelson supports health bill after tough bargaining.

Flying The Flag

Ya’ know, I’m getting damned tired of the maudlin people in the US. The Fort Hood incident is horrendous. Let’s not have any question about how I feel about the shrink who went batshit and blew away a platoon. Throw him in the calaboose and hang him at dawn! It’s not that. It’s the flag flying at half staff.

Do these young men and women who were killed deserve that honor?

Certainly they do.

They were learning, living and working at the largest military installation in the world and readying themselves to protect this nation in which I live. The soul of a warrior. A difficult thing to comprehend at times, how some will run in where, if you will, angels fear to tread. I’m all for them. God knows, if y’all expected me to pick up a gun and stand a watch, I don’t know that I’d have the stones to do it! So leave us also not have any question as to whether I support the men and women of the US Armed Forces. I do.

I support all of them.

If you’re going to fly the flag at half staff, then just fucking leave it there. Since before this nation was recognized as a country by Europe and the rest, we’ve been at war. Very rarely have we not had sons and daughters deployed ’round the world battling it out with somebody or other.

Where’s their lowered flag?

Everyone and his brother drags a teddy bear to the scene of a car crash. The US highways fairly glow with votive candles left at the scene of a wreck. Neighborhoods are awash in curbside memorials regarding the latest innocent bystander being shot to death at the hands of some jackass who thinks it’s cool the be in a gang.

If US citizens are so bloody concerned about remembering people who died untimely, then do it across the board. This country should be in a perpetual state of mourning for all the kids who’ve been killed in defense of this nation.

Fly it at half mast, but as I mentioned before – fly it there all the time.

In the last few decades I’ve watched the United States become a nation of uneducated know-it-alls whose feelings must be considered; at the expense of everyone else’s feelings I would point out. I would also note that the so-called Me Generation is growing in leaps and bounds. Pundits claim that came and went in the 1980 s. I heartily and loudly disagree.  Here in the 21st century, the sense of entitlement shared by so many undeserving individuals is a weeping sore on the ass of the Earth. But I digress.

Let’s get the flag up top again right away, or declare that Old Glory will remain at half staff until the crack of doom – or until peace actually settles on the land. I don’t think that will ever happen though. At least, not until the humans are all gone from the face of the planet.